2020 Puppies



















Key for Puppies Below

Hold: Deciding if I want to keep the puppy

Reserved: Sold & on his/her way home

Pending:  Waiting for a deposit or final payment

*** Please be aware that a puppy is not considered reserved until a deposit has been made, as we have multiple inquiries for each pup. A $750 deposit is required to join our wait list and is non-refundable due to the amount of time spent with my families, many hours of conversations, answering questions and addressing concerns. ***


We are experiencing a high volume of calls and puppy requests ....and I'm unable to respond to everyone in a timely manner. Please scroll down for available puppies. We currently have 2 new litters and 10 puppy's not listed. We are accepting deposits on future litters. I'm very happy to respond to inquiries and talk over the phone. Thank you for your patience!

 We have newborns. 

Stella x Skeeter had 3 blue merle males,  & 1 blue merle female

Pickle X Orbit had 4 males, 3 blue merles & 1 black tri 

New Pictures Coming 5/24/2020 of our New Borns!



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Our puppies are raised in our home and handled with love and care from the moment they are born; they are played with multiple times per day. We introduce them to Puppy Development, another piece of the puzzle. This includes behavioral development & stimulation exercise daily. We are known for our great socialization. These are not kennel puppies, nor are my adults; they are part of our hearts and family. We invite you to see the difference for yourself.
















  • Lulu's Lil Aussies lives on a 5 acre ranch in Stockton, Utah, which is about 55 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City 

  • Our Aussies are happily spoiled! We go for long walks everyday in the pastures, eat gourmet dinners made with love (fresh chicken, green beans, carrots, cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt & blueberries atop the kibble) & play all day--you can be sure your puppy's parents live the good life.

  • I offer a full health guarantee and our dams and sires are tested; which ensures you receive a healthy puppy and a life-long companion for you and your family.

  • You can see ALL of the parents on our Gals and Guys page.  

  • We use a Pet Nanny Service all year or you will need to pick up your baby! The puppy flies on the airplane with the nanny whom will hand-deliver your furbaby to your nearest airport when possible. For more information, visit our Information page! We have an international pet nanny. 

  • I send a homemade blanket that smells like his/her litter mates and mommy.

  • I am always eager to discuss any of Lulu's parents and/or puppies so please reach out to me if you have any questions about them!
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*We offer a full health guarantee*
All of our adults are tested for genetic defects. This ensures a healthy puppy and life-long companion for you and your family. For more information about genetic testing visit our Information page!

*Wrigley is a Medium Toy Blue Merle Male with Copper Accents & Two Baby Blue Eyes* 

~Sired by Mr. Juicy X Jett ~

Stunning Blue Merle male with perfect cemetrical copper and white accents. He has the perfect head and ear set. Her loves to sit in your lap and is very friendly. He is our 4th generation breeding in which the lines are just beautiful and warm and friendly. He is a grandson of Maggie & Champion Ryker. I estimate his size between 12-18 lbs.  


He is ready for his fur-ever home May 23, 2019 

Sold --Happy Birthday Alex, Congratulations!!!! 

*Medium Black Tri Toy  Male with Dark Copper Accents*


Sired by Champion Google & Nebula



Ziggy is a sweet heart and gets thrilled about his play time, so much that he shakes with excitement. He has a waive in his coat that is so soft and pretty. He has a white flame on his head. His dark brown eyes add such character to his already fun personality! I estimate his size around 9-13 lbs.


He is ready for his fur-ever home now, he is 8 weeks old.

Sold to Chase from TN!

*Tiny /Small Toy Male with Rich Copper Accents*

2 Brown Eyes 

~Sired by Skeeter & Twill~


Mac is a very dark black tri with amazing dark copper accents, which is my personal favorite. I estimate his size 7-12 lbs..

Sold to the Cogswell Family!

*Small Toy Blue Merle Female with Rich Copper Accents*

2 Blue/Brown Marble Eyes

~Sired by Skeeter & Twill~


Stasia is a very dark Blue Merle with amazing dark copper accents, which I just love. Stasia is our 5th generation breeding, her great grand sire is our Champion Ryker & Dezzie Lu, which are old foundation lines. I estimate her size 7-12 lbs..


Sold to Gregery Alexander from Anguilla, Happy Birthday!!!

*Tiny Teacup Black Tri Female with Rich Copper Accents*

~Sired by Champion Orbit & Widget~


Thumble is very tiny & pitch black with copper accents. I estimate her size 4-6 lbs. 



Sold to the Gudorf family of Oregon!

*Thriller Toy Blue Merle Male with Unique Markings / Black Patch On One Eye & Merling One

w/ A Full Blaze* ~2 Crystal Blue Eyes~



Thriller is a darling lil guy friendly and playful.


~Sold to the Geiser family from Phoenix, AZ!~

*Small Toy Black Tri Male with Amazing Copper Accents

2 Brown Eyes





Alto is super sweet and loves to be held he is a real snugly puppy. He loves to be with people and other dogs. He is a tiny guy and expected to be 6-9 lbs. 

~Sold to the Krikorian Family! Congrats on your 2nd Lulu's Lil Aussie~

*Toy Blue Merle Female with Amazing Copper

2 Crystal Blue Eyes*




Sold to Allison from New York!

~ Rare Tiny Toy Black Tri Male with Copper Accents ~




Apollo is a cute little dude with a dynamite personality, he is very happy. He is curious, calm and outgoing. He has all the attributes of a standard Aussie. Nice bone,ears and a blocky head He loves to be held.  He has a certain Charm about him, a great little soul and a happy boy. I estimate his size  7-11 lbs.   


Sold to Jorn & Rufus & Viva Catherine from LA, CA! 

~ Darling Tiny/Small Blue Merle Female with Darn Tann Accents ~

~2 Blue Eyes~



Shina is our sweet little angel. She is full of life and is so fun and sweet. 


~Sold to Jodi from Arizona~

*Black Tri Toy Light Tan Accents A Full White Collar & White Legs*




Sold to Adam from San Francisco, CA!

*Flashy Small Toy Blue Merle Female with Amazing Tan Accents

~2 Blue Eyes~





Congrats to Sally on her 4th Lulu's Lil Aussie from Monterey, CA!

*Teeny Tiny Rare Blue Eyed Tri Female with only a touch of copper, she might be a bi (meaning only 2 colors) "Sapphire*


Sired by The Royal Prince & Pearl 


 Sapphire  represents the true look of a standard size aussies, she has a big blocky head and an amazing white hour glass blaze, she is breed & show quality. She comes pre-spoiled by our family and the puppy nannies. She is super smart and has a A+ temperament. She runs to play and then checks back in to see if everything is okay. She is litter box & potty pad trained. I estimate her size around 9-10" and 6-10 lbs. 


Ready to go to her fur-ever home April 19, 2020.


 Sold to Emma from Montana!

~Toy Blue Merle Male  "Oliver"~

2 Baby Blue Eyes with a Partial Green in 1




Sold to Amrami from New York!

Rare Double Blue Eyed Tiny Toy Black Tri Female Going to Ipek in Turkey!

Tiny Toy Blue Merle Male 2 Blue Eyes -Sold to IPEK in Turkey!

These Pups are Sold!