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Things To Consider When Adopting An Adult From Us


All our babies come pre-spoiled, happy and socialized to our ranch life. My babies are not used to kids, they have not been raised with children, my grandchildren come visit but I make sure I am watching them. Some of the younger ones might do better adjusting to kids. My babies have been raised on a ranch, they are not used to city noises and alot of people which is not to say they won't get used to them. Aussies take time to transition, please plan for at least a 90-180 day transition period.

Lulu's Lil "Snow" Princess

Snowie is a blue merle with a full collar and she has the softest coat in the world. She is like a cling-on. She loves people and loves to be held. She will sit on your lap all day if she could. She has a beautiful smile that will melt your heart. She aims to please. She does not like to be left alone and can climb out of anything. She will crawl up a 6 foot fence to get to you or if she is scared. She has no desire to get away and has never left our property.  She hates gunfire and hides in the house when she can hear the gunfire from the shooting range. She likes men and women and has not been around alot of kids but she does fine with them and likes to steal their treats. She would make a great only or 2nd dog so she has a friend when you are away, she loves to wrestle with other dogs too and is very playful.  She plays tug, tag and wrestles.  I think she will transition well since I was her 4th owner, and she warmed up immediately but she was  only 2.. All Aussie's take time to warm up!  Also She was getting passed around and I put a stop to that!!! She loves bones, is crate and potty trained. Any one who gets this gal is super lucky!!!!

Snowie is about 12" and 13 lbs. 

Ready for her fur-ever home around the end of January after she is spayed on Jan. 14, 2021



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Lulu's Lil Mighty Man "Rocky"

April 25, 2011 - 8 years old

13.5" and 15 lbs.

RED Factored

​Double BET 


Rocky is a medium toy black tri Aussie. He has it all: full beautiful coat, heavy bone, nice head, great movement, excellent top-line and patellas and a very sweet personality! He has a calm demeanor and loves to snuggle up on a pillow near me. He loves car rides and running and playing. Rocky was raised out doors before he came to live with us and he does spray (pee) on everything. He has his own run and wears a belly band in the house. He is still intact and would make a great stud in someone's breeding program or I can neuter him and he can be a great pet, if you have a mud room or a ranch with a barn and he can roam. He cannot be left outside. He does not like loud voices and is a bit timid from his first home I imagine. He walks great on a leash. 


MDR1- ​Normal/Carrier


Available: $1000 as a stud or $400 as a pet. 

Lulu's Lil Champion Just a Know It All "Google"

September 29, 2014 -6 years old

10.75" and 7 lb

Cryptic Blue Merle 


Google is a very sweet boy and he loves, loves both the indoors and outdoors.  He loves to play ball, we have had workers here lately and he will play ball with them all day. Some times he doesn't bring it all the way too you and other times he likes to roll on the ball. Google loves to curl in a ball on my lap and snuggle.  I carry him on my side like a baby. He is afraid of the wind, thunder, and some men.  He loves women and needs to have a mommy to run too. He is my lil man and I will be super picky where he goes, it must be the right fit. 

He must have a fenced yard. He does love kids but has not been around alot of kids. He spins in circles when he is excited. He cannot be off leash for a long time until his recall with you is good. If he gets spooked he might run off. 


We are so proud of him as he took 2nd place at the ASDR Diamond Z Classic in October 2016.

MDR1- Normal/Normal​ by parentage​



Google has been Neutered and is ready for his fur-ever home.  


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