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Lulu's Lil Retired
Golden Girls & Boys



Lulu's Lil Classy Jasper




Jasper loves to lay on all the bed and couch pillows and loves to look out the doors and windows.  Jasper speaks to us when we come home—it’s not a bark. Jasper is one of our herders, nipping at our heels when she is excited or seeking attention. 


One of our most curious dogs, Jasper is thoroughly enjoying retirement and is currently a professional level spy. She is constantly peering through the fence at the wild cats and the llamas. 



Lulu's Lil Lady "Cyrus"


Cyrus loves to play a game we call “grass” where she jumps really high in the air to catch grass as it falls. When she was younger and more spry she would do a complete back flip to catch the grass. She likes to play with her best friend Jasper. They are a hoot to watch wrestle each other. ​​

Cyrus is our Lulu's Lil "Bootsie" Whootsie's mom (profiled below)!

Lulu's Lil Dezlilah "DezZie Lu"​



DeZzie Lu is our tender heart. She loves to follow me around and never leaves my side. DeZzie Lu always has to lay at your feet, with her head rested on your foot; she loves the kitchen floor and dad hates it because she insists on doing it while he's trying to cook.  

DeZzie is the ultimate helper; when someone is in trouble she herds them for me and she helps me get the toy from Ringo when play time is over.


Her daughters are our Lulu's Lil Jibber Jabber "Shae-Lo", and Lulu's Lil Bit of Magic "Hocus Pocus" & Her grand daughter is our Lulu's Lil Favorite Jeans "Levi".

Lulu's Lil Pebblie Pooh "Pebbles"


Stands 11.50" & 11 lbs

Pebbles likes to sleep in our bed with us; right in the middle, of course. She is always stealing your chair--if you get up and leave for just a second you can count on Pebbles to be in it when you return.  She can maneuver a ball like a soccer player--she is so agile and energetic.


Pebbles is super easy going and loves all people and dogs.


Pebbles daughters are our Maggie, Bling, Cricket & her Grand daughters are Jet, and Vodak.​



Lulu's Lil Hey "Jude"  ~ (Stands 14" & 19 lbs.)
**IABCA National Champion**


Retired/BET Producer


At the IABCA National Championship Title 2011 in Fort Collins, Colorado, Jude won a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in her groups for Best In Show Puppy!


Jude is a black tri female toy with 1 blue and 1 brown eye and she is very stocky with great bone. She comes from strong BET lines from strong Pruitt’s and Rimfire blood lines.


Jude is full of character. She has to show you a toy or a bone that she is ALWAYS carrying around. She loves to play fetch and gets all the dogs stirred up when she goes crazy on her toy. 


Jude was adopted by the most loving and wonderful couple. She is enjoying her ball on the beach and sleeping on the bed and being pampered like a Queen.                                                                                                ​



Lulu's Lil Traveling Gypsy Champion"Tazia"

Toy Harlequin Blue Merle


Tazia is a toy harlequin blue merle with a full blaze and very rich dark copper and the most beautiful coat and coloring. Tazia took 3rd place out of 13 dogs at the 2016 ASDR Diamond Z Classic Show. She has great conformation and Ring Presence.  


This little lady is such a love bug, so easy going and loves to play with all the bigger kids and really holds her own! She can wiggle her butt from here to New York, its so cute. 

Tazia lives with Dr. Julian and resides in New Mexico City. 




Lulu's Lil "Zest" for Life ~ (Stands 10.5" & 11 lb.)

Zest is a tiny toy blue merle Aussie with stunning tan accents; she has a very pretty soft blue merling, one full blue eye and one 1/4 blue & 3/4 brown eye which looks like chocolate melting on her blue portion. She loves to snuggle!  


She thinks she is a full size Aussie and wrestles and chases with the big dogs and has the cutest play growl. Levi is her best friend and they play and wrestle all day long. Zest loves to retrieve the ball and is one of our Aussies that actually brings the ball back to be thrown again instead of hogging them like many others! Zest is so sweet and gives the most gentle loving kisses you'll ever receive!


Her dam and grand dam are International Grand Champion's.



Lulu's Lil "Bootsie" Whootsie

Our sweet lil Bootsie is a large toy black tri female with two chocolate brown eyes.  Her brother is a BET and she is from our 1 and only Cyrus. Bootsie Whootsie loves to jump; she loves to jump into my arms and be held on my side like a little baby. We play a game where she stays in my arms and and won't let me put her down... the problem is the game never ends and I have to set her down.  


She loves to run and chase the ball. She is a very loving happy girl and smiles a lot. She loves to play and sit in your lap for hours. We love her markings and great disposition she passes to her baby's.



Lulu's Lil Favorite Jeans "Levi"(Stands 10" & 7 lbs)



Levi is a tiny toy blue merle female with minimal white and two chocolate brown eyes. We love this little girl's copper markings and partial split face.  Levi has the ultimate Aussie smile--she shows her teeth and it is adorable. Levi ALWAYS has a ball and she never gives it up.


She runs with everyone, just with her own ball. Levi loves the sprinklers and she does back flips trying to catching the water sprinkles.


She is Champion Ryker's and DeZzie Lu's grand-daughter. We are so blessed to have this little silly girl in our lives. She sleeps with her best friend Zest; they are inseparable, growling and wrestling together. 


Lulu's Lil "Ace" is a miniature black tri with brown eyes, and a gorgeous jet black, long, thick, soft coat and three-quarter collar. Ace is red factored & a double BET producer. His pedigree includes Valhalla, Waggin Tail & Rim Fire lines. He has the perfect temperament that everybody wants in a dog that he has passed  on to his offspring, along with his stunning coat. He loves everybody he meets and is very well-behaved. Ace’s purpose in life is to catch and retrieve his Frisbee, ball, or toy. He lives to play. Ace is retired and gets to play ball, roll in the snow and do what ever he wants the rest of his life at our home.




Lulu's Lil "Nicky"



Nicky is a very easy going girl. She is a mans dog, she was raised by a man for her first 5 years and loves to ride in the truck and will follow him to the moon and back. She is as loyal as they come.  She does not get on the furniture, and very obedient to her man. When he is away she will wait  for his return. She is house trained and is very smart and knows exactly what you say.  

Nicky is living with Rick her new dad. She gets to ride in his truck everyday.

Lulu's Lil Old Soul "Bam Bam" 


This little guy is the funnest cutest little man ever. He loves to run and play and walks well on a leash. He loves to snuggle at night and falls asleep with me on the couch and be held like a baby and have his belly rubbed. He smiles and is a very happy boy. He would love to go hiking, camping and on long walks. 

BamBam is in  his fur-ever home with Leslie!

Lulu's Lil Sweet Smell "Dolce"
February 25, 2017 2 1/2 years old
Stands 12.5" & 13 lbs.
Blue Merle Female 
1 Brown and 1 Blue Eye 


Dolce is a beautiful blue merle female with lots of running copper and super nice bone. She is so perfectly marked and built. She is playful and yet a bit serious. She is a bit reserved and needs to check our her surroundings before leaping into things. She loves to run and play chase and tug.

She has the perfect home in Utah so we get to see her. 

Lulu's Lil Bit of Magic "Hocus Pocus"

Hocus Pocus was bred at Lulu's Lil Aussies. She is a rare double blue-eyed black miniature aussie with very nice bone, a perfect head and beautiful ears. She loves to lay on her mattress on the side of my bed at night. Hocus loves the snow and loves to roll around on it. We have her son, Hugo and her daughter Fritz.

She will be retiring at the ranch with us. 


Lulu's Lil "Prim Rose"
Stands 11.50' & 11 lbs.

Blue Eyed Tri Producer

Prim Rose loves to hang out in the front yard with a toy in her mouth and watch the cars go by and stand guard.  She loves it when someone new comes to visit; she does not know a stranger! She loves to snuggle under the covers and in piles of blankets and sit on the back of my chair while I am working. She loves to nuzzle against my face in bed at night and has to sleep right between us, she has a sweet disposition! Prim is our resident ear cleaner she is always cleaning someone's ears. Her brother is Shiner and can be seen on our guys page.

Prim has retired on our ranch, although she is very busy these days.


Lulu's Lil League of Legends "Jinxy"




She has 2 rare blue eyes, pretty copper accents and a perfect little face. She is such a happy girl and rarely can be seen with out her stuffed squirrel or bunny rabbit in her mouth. She was best friends with Fresca and they love to argue, play tug and wrestle with bones and toys. Jinxy loves water, she not only drinks the water but puts her front paws & sometimes her whole head in the water while drinking. She is a very determined little girl. We have her daughter Lyric and her grand daughter Jewels.


Jinxy is keeping the Hoffman's busy picking up all her toys she carries around and leaves in the front yard in Idaho.



Lulu's Lil Mag Pie "Maggie


Maggie is a blue merle female with 1 blue and 1 brown eye. She has a great head and amazing bone. She is our little pistol! She is so full of life and this little girl never stops; she loves to play with her toys and anybody else who will play tug with her. She enjoys retrieving her ball and jumping in the air to catch bubbles and chase the snow flakes. Maggie loves to play on the bed and makes it impossible to make it in the mornings. She loves to throw her toys in the air and catch them, playing in water and leaping over all the gates just like her mamma, Pebbles. Her sire is our fun little Ringo Star. Her daughter is "Jett" a red rare blue eyed tri, Pearl, and Vodak. Her grandchildren are River and Radar.


Lulu's Lil Smarty Pants "Sophia"

Sophia came to us in pretty bad shape. She had spent alot of time outside. She was so grateful for the little things.  A warm blanket, some love and attention. She loved to follow me everywhere I went, she was right there beside me. She was so easy to love. And would let you know when she was hungry with her little bark.  She always stamped her babies with her look alike. We kept Widget, her blue merle female from Shiner and 2 of their granddaughters Thelma and Louise. They can be seen on our home page. 

Sophia has gone to her fur-ever home with Marcia Harless in Virginia. We miss her dearly but know she is getting pampered daily. 


Lulu's Lil Jibber Jabber "Shae-Lo"
Shae is a beautiful miniature Aussie. She was a gift for my brother's birthday to be his lifelong companion. Shae is our talker; she is very expressive when she needs something, with each bark having a unique tone. She is leash and crate trained and has her daddy Jeff wrapped around her little finger.  She is from multi-champion lines and is a Champion Rockin' Ryker and Dezzie Lu baby.
She lives the life of leisure with her daddy, Jeffrey on the ranch.