Lulu's Lil Aussie Gals 
(these girls are not for sale)



Lulu's Lil Champion Almighty Glacier "Zoula"
Won BEST Of Breed  Puppy 
Won BEST Female Puppy ASDR Diamond Z Classic
DOB:  December 15, 2015

Stands 12.75 - 13"& 17 1bs. 

1 1/2  Crystal Blue Eyes and 1/2 Golden Hazel

Flashy Toy Red Merle 


Zoula is amazing.  She won Best of Breed  & Best Female Puppy at the October 2016 Diamond Z Classic!!!! This amazing girl is very stocky and correct, winning the show proves that!!! Zoula is from our good friend Cindy at Yorton's Little Aussies. Her daddy is a double blue eyed tri and her mamma is Peeps from the one and only Champion Private Eye "Agent".  Zoula is a sweet girl and loves to have her belly rubbed and wrestle with Vodak, her best friend. We are thrilled to have this perfect little angle in our family. 

MDR1 -Normal/Normal

PRA-prcd -- Normal by parentage

H/C -- Normal by parentage                                             






Lulu's Lil Midnight Melody "Cricket"

DOB:  August 31, 2014

Stands 13.75" & 13 lbs. 

Blue Eyed Bi (BET)


Cricket is a rare toy blue-eyed bi with 1 crystal blue eye and 1 light brown eye. She is a funny girl; you will rarely see her without a glow in the dark ball in her mouth. She loves to gives kisses like her mamma Pebbles. She loves to pester her mother while she is playing ball. She gets scolded by Pebbles frequently for that! We should have named her Monkey; there is not any where she cannot get. She loves to jump on everything and lay on the tops of the couches and look out the window. She comes from a long line of tiny toys and Blue Eyed Tri's (BETS). She is a BET producer. 

MDR1 -- Normal/Normal by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Normal/Normal by parentage

H/C -- Normal/Normal by parentage                            






Lulu's Lil Twill Denim
DOB:  January 17, 2018

Stands 10.75" - 7 lbs. 

2 Crystal Blue Eyes

Flashy Toy Blue Merle 


Twill is a dark rich silver blue merle female with 2 beautiful blue eyes. She loves to climb fences and run in the yard all day long with a toy in her mouth. She hangs out with Prim Rose, Levi and Bling. She has a great head and amazing bone. She is our little pistol! She is so full of life and this little girl barely pauses. 

MDR1 -- Normal/Normal by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Clear by parentage                        

H/C -- Normal/Clear




Lulu's Lil Made a Mark - Taser (AKA TaTa)

DOB:  4-17-2018

Stands 10.5" &  12 lbs.

Double BET 

Red Factored
BET Producer


Taser is a rare double blue-eyed tri with very nice bone, a perfect head and beautiful ears. Ta Ta is a complete hoot. She loves to stir up chaos and chase everyone that has a ball. She likes to burrow in blankets. She is always watching my eyes to see what we are going to do next. She has a cute little voice that is kinda horse when she barks. She comes from excellent lines and lots of blue eyed tri's. She will have blue eyed tri's in every litter!  Her copper accents are nothing short of amazing!


Full Panel Clear

CERF -- Clear

MDR1 -- Normal/Normal by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Normal/Carrier                                  

H/C -- Normal/Normal





Lulu's Lil Prized Gem "Pearl"

Stands 12.5" & 12 lbs

Blue Merle Female 



Pearl is our 3rd generation breeding she was bred/born and raised at Lulus Lil Aussies. Her dam is Maggie and her sire is our Champion Google (he can be seen on our guys page). She is a stunning girl and her copper accents make her facial features perfectly symmetrical. Pearl is our very loyal girl, she loves to follow us anywhere, she is smart and can often be seen chewing a bone on the couch. Her best friend is Lucia and they love to wrestle and run through the trees and chase each other. 

CERF -- Clear

MDR1 -- Normal/Normal by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Normal/Carrier                                  

H/C -- Normal/Normal





Lulu's Lil She's On Fire "Sizzle" 

Stands 13" & 17 lbs.

April 4, 2016

Rare Toy Double Blue Eyed Tri (BET)

2 Crystal Blue /Golden Eyes 

Blue Eyed Tri Producer 

Sizzle Bizzle is an amazing thick & stocky girl. She comes from our good friend Minda Hughes. This girl loves water she will stick her whole head in the water bowl and look around for fish. She loves the pool and is always wet. She also loves the snow, Whiskey is her best friend and soul mate they play together outside after it's dark, rain or shine all night long. They run the whole perimeter of the yard crawling under fences. Sizzle loves her belly rubbed and flips over on her back immediately for a belly rub.  She is a great watch dog and protects her pack from all strangers. 

MDR1 -- Normal/Carrier 

PRA-prcd -- Normal/Normal 

H/C --Normal/Normal by parentage                   






Lulu's Lil Guardian of the Galaxy "Nebula"

Stands 11" & 9 lbs.

September 15, 2018

Blue Merle Female

1 Blue Eyed and 1 Brown /Blue Chip Eye

Nebula is a small adorable blue merle toy.  Her sire is Orbit and her dam is Prim Rose! She is a very friendly girl, she loves just about anyone. She is sweet, calm and loves to do what ever you are doing. She loves to hang out with Pickle and they play and wrestle. 

MDR1 -- Clear by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Clear by parentage                               

H/C -- Clear by parentage




Lulu's Lil Tiny "Birdie"

Stands 8" & 5 lbs.

December 13, 2016

2 Brown Eyes

Black Tri Female 


Birdie is by far our tiniest girl. She is related to Orbit and they have the same sire. She has the cutest little shake in her butt and smile on her face when you pick her up --just like Orbit. She is a very happy little lady, she loves to jump in her crate just because she can, she tries to show her dominance over other dogs by following them around. She loves to follow Freckles around. 

MDR1 -- Normal/Normal by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Normal/Normal by parentage

H/C --Normal/Normal by parentage                   






Lulu's Lil Just What the Doctor Ordered "Tonic"

Stands 11" & 10 lbs.

December 15, 2016

2 Crystal Blue Eyes 

Red Merle w/Full White Collar


Tonic is the daughter of Snowie and Champion Ryker. We love this tender hearted lil girl. She cries when you love her because she is so excited, her best friend is Nugget. They loved to wrestle, play and bath in the sun together. Her sister is Biz, she is a miniature rare double blue eyed tri.  These sisters were so nice we had to keep them. 

MDR-1 -- Normal/Normal 

PRA-prcd -- Normal/by parenteage

HC -- Normal/Normal



Lulu's Lil Radiant "Freckles" Full White Collar

Stands 10" & 7 lbs.

January 18, 2017

2 Brown Eyes


Freckles is the daughter of Champion Google and Zest.   She is a pistol and loves to chase birds, dogs and kids. She is super sweet and loves to sit on her moms lap, she loves to play with all the small girls and she thinks she is all that and she is.


Freckles comes from a multi-champion pedigree, International CH. Southern Cross What's Your Alibi, and International Cross Check My Label, International Champion Waggin Tails Shedaisy, International Champion Rarities and the old Woodcock's, and Driscoll's lines.

MDR-1 -- Normal/Normal from parentage

PRA-prcd -- Normal/Normal

HC -- Normal/Normal from parentage

Non Cryptic Merle



Lulu's Lil "Snowie" Princess

Stands 11 1/2" & 11 lbs.

April 26, 2014

Red Factored

Blue Eyed Tr (BET) Producer

Snowie is a blue merle with a full collar and she has the softest coat in the world. She is like a cling-on. She loves people and loves to be held. She will sit on your lap all day if she could. She has a beautiful smile that will melt your heart. She aims to please. She does not like to be left alone and can climb out of anything. She hates gunfire and hides in the house when she can hear the gunfire from the shooting range. Her best friend is Raven and they love to wrestle. She climbs fences and broke her leg in 2016 about 2 months after we brought her home, it healed just perfect! Snowie has had Blue Eyed Tri's in every litter and 1 litter and there were 2 double blue eyed tri's (BET's) in the litter. We kept 2 of her daughters, Bix and Tonic,  you can see them on this page.  

MDR-1 -- Normal/Carrier 

PRA-prcd -- Normal/Normal

CEA -- Normal/Normal

DM - Normal/Normal




Lulu's Lil 1-way Ticket to Heaven "Jett"


Stands 12 1/4" & 9.2 lbs.

June 19, 2014

Red Factored

Blue Eyed Tri (BET) 

Multi - Blue Eyed Tri Producer


Jett is a rare tiny toy blue-eyed tri with 1 crystal blue eye and 1 amber eye. She has the perfect head and ear set in an aussie. She loves her human dad and will follow him every where. She is so smart, naturally, she is after-all an aussie. She is usually found with a toy in her mouth that she carefully folds for convenient carrying.  She comes from a long line of toys, Champions and BETs. Her Sire is our Champion Ryker, her dam is Maggie, her grand dam is Pebbles and her grand sire is Ringo Star.  We kept her son, Radar who looks exactly like her but he has 2 blue eyes. 

MDR1 -- Normal / Normal by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Normal / Normal by parentage    

H/C --Clear/Normal                                                      





Lulu's Lil Jibber Jabber "Shae-Lo"
Stands 14 & 17 lbs. 
Red Merle 
1 Amber Eye & 1 1/2 Blue and 1/2 Amber

August 18, 2014 


Shae is a beautiful large Toy red merle. She was a gift for my brother's birthday to be his lifelong companion. Shae is our talker; she is very expressive when she needs something, with each bark having a unique tone. She is leash and crate trained and has her daddy Jeff wrapped around her little finger.  She is from multi-champion lines and is a Champion Rockin' Ryker and Dezzie Lu baby. We are excited to have this girl as part of our pack.

MDR1 -- Normal / Normal by parentage

PRA-prcd -- Normal / Normal by parentage        

H/C -- Normal/Normal