Lulu's Lil Aussie Guys! 
(They are not for sale)



Lulu's Lil Champion Rockin' "Ryker"


Stands 10.5" & 11 lbs.

June 20, 2009

Red Factored

Multi-BET Producer

Herding Instincts -- Medium


Ryker is a tiny toy black tri with rich copper. Ryker is arguably our sweetest boy. He is a Ladies Man! While we are playing with the dogs, he will come over and ever-so-gently step up onto your lap to steal little kisses from you! He loves his brothers and sisters so much. He cannot handle quarreling, even if it is innocent playing. To Ryker, there is no difference. He will stand over or between two dogs that are bickering and whimper as if to say “Stop it you guys”. It is sometimes very frustrating for those who are just trying to play! Another fun fact about Ryker is that he is almost as fast as his friend Pebbles, our fastest dog. He is very agile. Ryker loves to snuggle on your lap, and be loved on. He also loves to clean all the ladies ears and eyes.

CERF clear​​​

MDR1 -- Normal / Normal​​​​​​​​​​

PRA-prcd -- Normal / Normal

Lulu's Lil Champion Knock Out "Shiner" AKA "Sunshine"


Stands 11.5" & 10 lbs.

September 29, 2012

Multi - Double BET producer


Shiner is a blue merle tiny toy with two brown eyes. I call him my little "Sun Shine". Shiner is our sweet little Prim Rose's brother. When we heard we he was available we couldn't sleep a wink knowing how wonderful his lines are. He has sired many litters and produces very nice & tiny puppies. Shiner loves to play with the stuffed bunny toys; he is one of the pack now. He loves to sleep with me and he loves to follow Ringo around. He loves cottage cheese, yogurt, peanut butter and carrots. He loves being pampered,and all his girl friends. He has sired a BET in every litter since he arrived, with litters having 2 BETS. Shiner took 2nd place at the ASDR Diamond Z Classic in October 2016, we are so proud of our little Sun Shine!!!    

Full Panel Pending ​

CERF - Clear -In fact his eyes are so perfect all the opthomologist's wanted to look at his eyes, they said it is something you only read about in text books.

MDR1 -- Normal / Normal by parentage​​​​​​​​​​

PRA-prcd -- Normal / Normal

​HC - Clear/Normal

*International Champion Yorton's of
Lulu's Lil Royal Prince 
May 28, 2018

12 lbs. 10.5"

2 Brown Eyes w/Chip of Blue in One

Multi - Double BET producer

We are so excited about the lil Royal Prince, he comes from my good friend Cindy in Montana, his dam Birdie and she is my favorite girl!!! He is a very sweet boy and loves to give everyone kisses which can be a bit annoying to others. He is super short and stocky with an amazing coat, correct head and top line. His movement is stunning. His pedigree includes many Champions including Champion Private Eye & Champion Tyler and Champion Rim Fire Breanna. 

Full Panel Clear except

MDR-1 Normal/Carrier 



Lulu's Lil "Ringo" Star

Stands 13.75" & 16 lbs.

August 10, 2010

Red Factored

BET Producer


Ringo is a large toy Blue Merle Bi with one blue eye and one brown eye. His sire and grandfather are double red BET's. Ringo is our sweet little spunky boy. He can be as sweet and calm as can be, cuddling in your neck, or rolling on his belly for loves. He is a tender soul. He loves everybody very much and loves to cuddle with us when we watch movies together. He can also be a wild man; he loves to play keep away from mom and barks showing me his toy. He is very playful--He runs and plays with all the dogs for hours and hours. Ringo's nick name is "Ding Dong", which is quite fitting for our fun silly boy. He gets along with all our boys and girls and we couldn't imagine our lives with out this boy on our ranch! 

CERF clear

MDR1 -- Normal / Normal​​

PRA-prcd -- Normal / Normal

H/C -- Normal





Lulu's Lil Mighty Man "Rocky"

April 25, 2011

13.5" and 17 lbs.

RED Factored

​Double BET 


We are beyond excited to add Rocky to our pack. He is a medium toy black tri Aussie. He has it all: full beautiful coat, heavy bone, nice head, great movement, excellent top-line and patellas and a very sweet personality! He has a calm demeanor and loves to snuggle up on a pillow near me. He loves car rides and running and playing. Rocky has a sweet personality and has fit in nicely with us.


MDR1- ​Normal/Carrier

PRA-prcd - Normal/Carrier

H/C - Normal/Normal  



Lulu's Lil Champion"Whiskey" Lullaby
Won BEST Opposite Puppy 
Won BEST Male Puppy ASDR Diamond Z Classic

March 19, 2016

16 lbs. & 14"

1 and 1/2 Blue Eye

RED Factored

Multi - Double BET producer


Where to start with our beautiful Toy Red Merle, Whiskey Man... we got Whiskey at 5 weeks old, (long story don't ask) he has fit in our pack from day one. This little man has so much karisma! He is perfect in every way; great head, nice structures, awesome temerament and bone.   He is a little spicy meatball! He loves water, and the snow (anything outdoors), his friends, Sizzle, Bling and Zoula play all day! Whiskey was invited to the 2016 ASDR Las Vegas ~Invitation only show. 


Full Panel Clear

Except PRA-prcd/Carrier




Lulu's Lil Champion Circle the World "Orbit" 
First Place in 3-6 month ASDR Diamond Z Classic

June 14, 2016

7 lbs. 8"

2 Dark Chocolate Eyes

RED Factored

Multi - Double BET producer

Orbit is Teacup Black Tri male from Vanessa's & Tim's wonderful dogs. His pedigree includes Jaspers dad (Red BET) and Cyrus's Sire. This little sassy pants is a hoot!  He thinks he is all that and so much more. He is always talking and he thinks he is a little person (not a dog)! He sleeps between me and Clark and is the best snuggler and morning kisser ever.  

Full Panel Clear

H/C -- Normal/Clear by parentage 

PRA-prcd - Normal/Clear

MDR-1 --Normal/Clear by parentage


Lulu's Lil Mr. Juicy  

December 10, 2016

12 lbs. & 11.75"

2 Crystal Blue Eyes 

RED Factored

Multi - Double BET producer

Mr. Juicy came to us at 1 year old in March of 2018. He is a sweet boy that loves to follow the black tri's around, whether male or female. He loves Biz & Rocky. His pedigree includes International Ch. Blue Bell Hollow Strike It Rich, Multi Champion Brisbin's Sassy, and International Champion Toy Town Jodi Blue. His dam is our Jinxy Lu's dam Hughes Sweetie, she is a double blue eyed tri (BET). Sweetie has tons of blue eyes in her pedigree  and impressive lines, including the old mockingbird, peace creek and Waggintail. In his first litter here he produced the "perfect litter" 2 sets of double bets and 2 merle's with 2 blue eyes. We kept his daughter River, she is a double blue eyed tri. 

Full Panel Pending 

H/C -- Normal/Clear  

PRA-prcd - Normal/Clear

MDR-1 --Normal/Carrier 




* Lulu's Lil Skeeter International Champion
BEST BRED-BY & Best-In-Show at IABCA

April 10, 2017

12 lbs. 10.5"

2 Amber Eyes 

RED Factored

Multi - Double BET producer

This darling little man is home bred. He is a Champion Ryker son, he comes from very old lines. His dam is related to our Acer. He has a great head and bone for a tiny guy. He has perfect ears and conformation. Super happy boy and loves to play all day long, his friends are Camo, Lucia, Pearl,  Lyric and many more. Skeeter loves the lady's just like his daddy and is following in his footsteps. 

Full Panel Clear

Except MDR-1 Carrier




Lulu's Lil Gizmo AKA "Gizzard"

November 12, 2017

8 lbs. 11"

2 Marble Brown /Blue Eyes  

Multi - Double BET producer

We are thrilled to have the Gizzy Wizzy to join our Aussie family. He is the sweetest boy in the world. He is gentle and kind. He loves his friends and likes to play but not rough house.He makes the sweetest baby's.


His sire is International Champion Herd about Silver Bullet, Hidalgo and his dam is PARV. His great sire is Champion Color Country Jaxon, who is Rim Fire Bred, his grandsire and grand dam are Champion Rim Fire Mystery and Champion Rim Fire Keyto. 


Full Panel Clear




*International Champion 4 Season's of
Lulu's Lil Hey The "Fonz"



June 3, 2019

12.75" and 13 lbs.

1 Blue Eye and 1 Marble Blue
Rare Blue Eyed Tri

Multi - Double BET producer


Fonzie is a beautiful rare blue eyed tri toy with the longest soft flowing coat and perfect conformation and movement. He looks like a standard Aussies in a small package! His pedigree is loaded with International Champions and Blue Eyed Tri's.


He has a fun playful personality and loves to steal everyone's bones, it's a game to him, he discards the bone and moves to the next dog.  He has a raspy voice when he barks which is so cute, and his best friend is Ritzie. They love to run, play and wrestle over bones. He is producing blue eyed tri-s in every litter. His pups are beautiful! 

Full Panel Clear by Parentage




Lulu's Lil Hugo



June 23, 2019

16" and 19lbs.

1 Blue Eye and 1 Brown Eye​
Blue Merle 

Multi - Double BET producer


Hugo is a miniature Aussie and is the perfect breed and show quality dog. He is from Dolce' and our Royal Prince.  Dolce is from Hocus Pocus and Champion Shiner. Hocus is from Champion Trigger and Dezzie Lu. Super chill and fun little boy!He loves to wrestle with River and run as fast as he can. He can leap over 6 foot fences with ease and thinks he is so cool doing it! He is very well manured. He knows sit, down, stand, come and stay. We are thrilled to see his offspring in 2020.


MDR1- ​Normal/Carrier

PRA-prcd - Normal/Normal 

H/C - Normal/Normal  



Lulu's Lil 1 Step Ahead of the Rest "Radar"



May 16, 2019

12.50" and 11.6 lbs.

RED Factored

​Rare Double BET 


Radar is such a sweet heart. He loves to give us hugs. We have decided to keep him because he is a beautiful boy with great features and movement. He is a small Rare Double Blue Eyed Red Toy Aussie.  He is a fun boy that loves to play with his best friend Gracie who is a Bootsie grand daughter. Radar was bred here and is from Mr. Juicy and Jett. 


MDR1- ​Normal/Carrier

PRA-prcd - Normal/Normal 

H/C - Normal/Normal  



Lulu's Lil Light My Fire "Flint"

July 23, 2018

12 lbs. 13"

2 Chocolate Brown Eyes 


You won't meet a sweeter boy than Flint. He looks at you with those big brown eyes and he melts your heart.  He loves to give gentle kisses and to be rubbed. He has the cutest face. Perfect head and ears.  He loves to sleep on top of his crate rather than in it. He gets along with other dogs and loves to run and play. 

Flint comes from amazing lines, his great grand sire is an International Champion Great Caveness's Rodeo Tuff. He Also has my favorite lil guy Putt Putt as a grand sire. We can't wait to see what he produces.

H/C -- Normal/Clear by parentage  

PRA-prcd - Normal/Clear by parentage

MDR-1 --Normal/Clear

 ASDR Registered.


*International & National IABCA Puppy 3-6 month Champion Best Bred By & BIS

Tiny Toy Red Merle Male w/Rich Copper Accents*


*2 Blue Eyes* 


Sired by Champion BIS Puppy Whiskey & Sizzle



Blaze is quite the catch, with his small size but blocky head and sturdy build you get all the great attributes of a standard Aussie in a more compact package! He is a very sweet boy with calm and sweet demeanor, he loves playing with his siblings and snuggling up next to people. Blaze received so many awards we could not keep up at the Dec. 5-6, 2020  IABCA Show!

We expect him to be 6-9 lbs.

*Tiny Toy Blue Merle Male with Two Bright Blue Eyes *

"Arrow"  Turned 1 year


Arrow is a Tiny Blue Merle Male that is just a darling little dumpling. He gets so excited to see you he lights up a room. He jumps around like a rabbit. Arrow loves a good belly rub and is content and happy to just be with his family. He loves other dogs and is content and happy. He is potty & doggy door trained. He is crate trained and sleeps all night in his crate.

estimate his size around 9 lbs. and 11.5"  

Retired and lives with my niece the Dedman Family from Salt Lake!!

Lulu's Lil Hunt is over Champion "Trigger" is a rare double blue eyed tri (BET) he is very sweet and gentle boy. Trigger was adopted by the Riley family and his sister Ivy is a Dezzie Lu and Champion Ryker puppy. Trigger sired 2 double BETS in his first and only litter - Rooster and Hocus Pocus. Rooster earned his Championship prior to leaving our ranch.


*International Champion Sire Fonzie and Dam is Best-In-Show Champion Zoula-- Rare MaleT-Cup Double Blue Eyed Red Tri*


*2 Blue Eyes*


Cobalt is an adorable tiny toy. His parents are both 15 & 18 pounds, it is possible to have a teeny tiny toy out of bigger toy parents. This guys is super teeny with perfect markings, including his ears and muzzle. We have great plans to use this tiny guy in our breeding program. He will be co-owned.


We expect him to mature around 3-6 lbs. 

He is ready for her fur-ever home on February 18, 2021.



~Sold -Congratulations to the Imperato Family~