2020 Puppies






















*November Puppy's Due*

Lyric X Arrow/Arrived 11/1

Bling X Fonzie Arrived 11/18


Rumor X Arrow


Twill X Orbit


Stella X Radar







We are experiencing a high volume of calls and puppy requests ....please fill out the puppy application as it will speed up the process. We are accepting deposits on future litters and have some puppies available, scroll down. Thank you for your patience!

*** Please be aware that a puppy is not considered reserved until a deposit has been made, as we have multiple inquiries for each pup. A $750 deposit is required to join our wait list and is non-refundable due to the amount of time spent with my families, many hours of conversations, answering questions and addressing concerns. ***


We have New Puppies That Have Arrived, many blue Merles, most are under 2 weeks and are not Featured yet!


We ALSO Have More Litters Expected This Month~

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Our puppies are raised in our home and handled with love and care from the moment they are born; they are played with multiple times per day. We introduce them to Puppy Development, another piece of the puzzle. This includes behavioral development & stimulation exercise daily. We are known for our great socialization. These are not kennel puppies, nor are my adults; they are part of our hearts and family. We invite you to see the difference for yourself.
















  • Lulu's Lil Aussies lives on a 5 acre ranch in Stockton, Utah, which is about 55 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City 

  • Our Aussies are happily spoiled! We go for long walks everyday in the pastures, eat gourmet dinners made with love (fresh chicken, green beans, carrots, cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt & blueberries atop the kibble) & play all day--you can be sure your puppy's parents live the good life.

  • I offer a full health guarantee and our dams and sires are tested; which ensures you receive a healthy puppy and a life-long companion for you and your family.

  • You can see ALL of the parents on our Gals and Guys page.  

  • We use a Pet Nanny Service all year or you will need to pick up your baby! The puppy flies on the airplane with the nanny whom will hand-deliver your furbaby to your nearest airport when possible. For more information, visit our Information page! We are not currently participating in any international travel due to COVID. 

  • send a homemade blanket that smells like his/her litter mates and mommy.

  • I am always eager to discuss any of Lulu's parents and/or puppies so please reach out to me if you have any questions about them!
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to see pictures, videos and updates from Lulu's Lil Aussies!



*We offer a full health guarantee*
All of our adults are tested for genetic defects. This ensures a healthy puppy and life-long companion for you and your family. For more information about genetic testing visit our Information page!

*Gorgeous Small Toy Blue Merle Male w/Rich Copper Accents*


~2 Ocean Blue Eyes~


Sired by Taser & Juicy


Propel is a darling and sweet boy! With his charming and charismatic personality he is bound to be a crowd pleaser! He enjoys sitting with people and soaking in all the love, playing with his siblings and enjoying some quiet time after a long day. He would make a great addition to any family! He is stocky little guy if you like thick Aussies. 


We estimate him to be 12-14" -13-17 lbs.

Nile is ready for his fur-ever home on November 15, 2020

~Sold - Congratulations to the Fildes Family from CA~

*Unique Small Toy Light Red Merle Male w/Lots of White*


~2 Crystal Blue Eyes~ 


Sired by Taser & Mr. Juicy


Dart is a magnificent little guy from our rare double blue eyed tri. He is bred from a long line of Champions. Dart is very charming and will make a delicious companion. He loves people and will be there to crawl in your lap at the end of the day. 


We expect him to be 10-14 lbs.

He is ready to go to his fur-ever home now. 


~Available Inquire For Pricing~

*Rare Double Blue Eyed Tri Medium /Large Toy Mini Black Tri Male*


*2 Blue Eyes*


Sired by River & Hugo


This sweet boy will have all the heads turning with his beautiful markings, great build and intense blue eyes. He has a great personality with just enough attitude to keep you entertained! He loves playing with his siblings, running around and enjoying a good nap.  He is smart and has a watchful eye, he doesn't miss a beat. He loves to snuggle and chill for a good movie. Anything you are doing he would love to do too!!!



We expect him to be 12-14" & 15-19 lbs.

Nile is ready for his fur-ever home!

~Sold - Congratulations to the Tulsa family from MI~

*Toy Red Tri Male*


*2 Hazel or Green Eyes*


Sired by Lucia & Radar

~More information coming soon~

*Toy Blue Merle Male*


*2 Blue Eyes* 


Sired by Fonzie and Pearl



Are you looking for the sweetest boy out there? Look no further! Amazon is the sweetest of them all, with his gentle and loving personality he his bound to put a smile on anyone's face! He prefers spending his time soaking in all the love people have to offer, playing with his siblings and making your heart melt. 

We expect him to be 9-11" & 7-11lbs.

Amazon is ready for his fur-ever family!


~Congratulations to Francesca from NY on her new fur baby!~

*Champion Lines Tiny Toy Black Tri Male w/Full Thin Collar and Dark Copper Accents*


~2 Brown Eyes~


Sired by Freckles & Gizmo 


Galazy is quite the package with his beautiful markings and laid back demeaner.  can't say enough about this tender little guy, he has a heart of Gold and lights up when you walk into the room. He jumps around with his tiny legs to greet you. He is all coat with his full white collar and his cute tan accents on his face. Galaxy loves to kick his back legs out and chill. This little guy is a purse baby and would like to accompany you anywhere. 


We expect him to be around 4-8 lbs.

Ready for his fur-ever home November 20, 2020


~Sold Congratulations to the Fuller Family of OK~

*Champion Lines Tiny/Toy Blue Merle Male W/Copper Accents*

*2 Blue Eyes*


Sired by Gizzard & Winnie 



Theodore is a a real sweetie, he has confidence and is very charming. His demeaner is so calm and yet playful and curious. He plays nice with his siblings. He will be the perfect family dog! 


We expect him to be 10-12" and 7-10 lbs.

Ready for his fur-ever home  Nov. 30, 2020

~The wait list chooses first~

*Champion Lines Tiny Toy Black Tri Female 2 White Stockings W/Tann Accents*

*2 Brown Eyes*


Sired by Gizzard & Winnie 



Morgan is a delicious little girl. So sweet and happy. She loves to do anything we are doing., 

We expect her to be 10-12"" and 7-12 lbs.

Ready for her fur-ever home  Nov 26, 2020

~Sold - Congratulations to the Zeis family from Ohio~

*Tiny Toy Red Merle Male w/Rich Copper Accents*


*2 Blue Eyes* 


Sired by Champion Best In Show Puppy Whiskey & Sizzle



Blaze is quite the catch, with his small size but blocky head and sturdy build you get all the great attributes of a standard Aussie in a more compact package! He is a very sweet boy with calm and sweet demeanor, he loves playing with his siblings and snuggling up next to people. 

We expect him to be 5-8 lbs.


Ready for his fur-ever home November 2, 2020

~On hold, and he has a long wait list for him~

*Rare Double Blue Eyed Toy Black Tri Female w/Dark Copper*


*2 Blue Eyes* 


Sired by Hugo and River



This darling girl will have heads turning with her gorgeous coloring and her vibrant personality. Vivi is an outgoing and independent girl who loves to give kisses, play with her siblings and eat all the food  she can! She will never turn down a good snuggle or a challenge of tug-o-war. She will make a great addition to any family, and will add a hint of adventure wherever she goes.

We expect her to be 13-18 lbs & 12-15. 


Vivi is ready for her fur-ever home.

~Available Inquire For Pricing~

*Champion Lines Small Toy Blue Merle Male with Copper Accents*

*1 Blue & 1 Brown*


Sired by Gizzard & Winnie 



Are you looking for a kind, gentle, compassionate, and humorous addition to your life? Meet Doc! He is a darling boy with the sweetest personality and just enough spunk to keep you laughing! With his dazzling blue eyes, copper accents and gorgeous coloring he will be the talk of the town. Doc loves to play, whether it be with people, fur friends or by himself he'll never pass up a good game! 

We expect him to be 11-13"" and 10-13 lbs.

Ready for his fur-ever home Nov 26, 2020

~The wait list chooses first~

*Teacup/ Tiny Toy Harlequin  Red Merle Female*


*2 Ice Blue Eyes*


Sired by Gizmo & Nugget 



Esty is  a bundle of joy. Very friendly and greets everyone with excitement. She is a tiny little one with a big personality. 

We estimate her to be 8-9" &  4-7 lbs.

Ready for her fur-ever home August 24, 2020

Sold to Sally from Monterey, CA.

Congratulations on your 5th Lulu's Lil Aussie!

*Champion Lines Tiny Toy Blue Merle Male W /Copper Accents*

*2 Brown Eyes*


Sired by Gizzard & Winnie 



This sweet boy is the ultimate package! With his beautiful coloring and spunky personality he is bound to be just what you're looking for! Blodgett's hobbies include playing with his friends and siblings, snuggling up with people, giving all the kisses, and eagerly greeting anyone that he comes across.

We expect him to be 10-12"" and 8-12 lbs.

Ready for his fur-ever home  Nov 26, 2020

~The wait list chooses first~

*Toy Red Tri Female*

*Eye Color Pending*


Sired by Lucia & Radar 


~More information coming soon~

*Champion Lines Teacup Tiny Toy Blue Merle Male with Copper Accents*

*2 Blue Eyes*


Sired by Gizzard & Winnie 



Lester is our 3rd generation breeding, he is a darling boy that looks like a standard Aussies shrunk down in a unique small size that will allow him to go where your family goes. He is tender hearted with a lovely personality. He has a perfect ear set and nice bone, breed and show quality. He will melt your heart the moment you meet him.

We expect him to be 10" and 6-8 lbs.

Ready for his fur-ever home  Nov 30, 2020

~The wait list chooses first~

*Tiny Toy Red Tri Male*

*2 Blue Eyes*


Sired by Lucia & Radar 


~More information coming soon~

*Toy Black Tri*

*Waiting For Eye Color*


Sired by Lyric & Arrow


~More information coming soon~

*Toy Blue Merle*

*Waiting For Eye Color*


Sired by Lyric & Arrow


~More information coming soon~

*Tiny Toy Black Tri*

*Waiting For Eye Color*


Sired by Lyric & Arrow


~More information coming soon~

*Toy Blue Merle*

*Waiting For Eye Color*


Sired by Lyric & Arrow 


~More information coming soon~

~ Rare Blue Eyed Tri's 

~Puccinni & Emma ~

Apollo  & Emma are both rare blue eyed  Tri's that are very tiny & small and have all the attributes of a standard Aussie. Nice bone, ears and a blocky heads. They are fun and love to snuggle. This wonderful compact size can go anywhere with  you. 


Both of These

Cuties are SOLD

These Pups are Sold!