2021 Puppies





















*Late February/March Puppies Due*

Raven X Flint

Champion Whiskey X Cricket

International Champion Fonzie X Ritzie

International Champion Fonzie X Pearl







We are experiencing a high volume of calls and puppy requests ....please fill out the puppy application as it will speed up the process. We are accepting deposits on future litters and have some puppies available, scroll down. 

We have 8 new International IABCA


*** Please be aware that a puppy is not considered reserved until a deposit has been made, as we have multiple inquiries for each pup. A $750 deposit is required to join our wait list and is non-refundable due to the amount of time spent with my families, many hours of conversations, answering questions and addressing concerns. ***


We have New Puppies  Arriving In March! 


~We Are Updating our Site Daily ~

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Our puppies are raised in our home and handled with love and care from the moment they are born; they are played with multiple times per day. We introduce them to Puppy Development, another piece of the puzzle. This includes behavioral development & stimulation exercise daily. We are known for our great socialization. These are not kennel puppies, nor are my adults; they are part of our hearts and family. We invite you to see the difference for yourself.
















  • Lulu's Lil Aussies lives on a 5 acre ranch in Stockton, Utah, which is about 55 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City 

  • Our Aussies are happily spoiled! We go for long walks everyday in the pastures, eat gourmet dinners made with love (fresh chicken, green beans, carrots, cottage cheese, eggs, yogurt & blueberries atop the kibble) & play all day--you can be sure your puppy's parents live the good life.

  • I offer a full health guarantee and our dams and sires are tested; which ensures you receive a healthy puppy and a life-long companion for you and your family.

  • You can see ALL of the parents on our Gals and Guys page.  

  • We use a Pet Nanny Service all year or you will need to pick up your baby! The puppy flies on the airplane with the nanny whom will hand-deliver your furbaby to your nearest airport when possible. For more information, visit our Information page! We are not currently participating in any international travel due to COVID. 

  • send a homemade blanket that smells like his/her litter mates and mommy.

  • I am always eager to discuss any of Lulu's parents and/or puppies so please reach out to me if you have any questions about them!
  • Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to see pictures, videos and updates from Lulu's Lil Aussies!



*We offer a full health guarantee*
All of our adults are tested for genetic defects. This ensures a healthy puppy and life-long companion for you and your family. For more information about genetic testing visit our Information page!

*Rare Carmel Blue Eyed

Toy Red Tri Female*


~1 Full Blue Eye & 1/2 Blue & 1/2 Sea Green~




Fawn is so amazing she has a great head, muzzle, and nice rose ears. Fawn, is adorable, she has all the attributes of a standard Aussie. Her eyes pierce your soul. She is very wise with a great personality! She is as dazzling as they come in every aspect! Fawn loves people, playful and a pretty outgoing! She would be great on hikes, walks and easy to pack around if you like to travel due to her tiny size. 



~Ready for her fur-ever home now~ 


We estimate her size to be 9-10" & 6-9 lbs.

~Available Inquire For Pricing~ 

*International Champion Royal Prince Sired  Toy Black Tri Male w/Full Wide Collar


~2 Brown Eyes ~ 



Ruger is a wonderful little guy! He loves to play with his siblings, run around and soak in all the love from everyone around him! He is the best of both worlds! If you're looking for someone to take on all your adventures with you, Ruger's your boy! If you're look for a snuggle pal with all the love to offer, Ruger's your boy! You really can't go wrong with this guy!


We are not sure on size yet. 

Colt is ready for his fur-ever home in early March of 2021.

~Available Inquire For Pricing~

*International Champion Royal Prince Sired Blue Merle Female w/Full Collar*


~2 Blue Eyes~ 



Tula is a stunner! Her gorgeous coloring and sweet as candy personality is bound o turn heads and melt hearts! Tula loves to crouch down to the ground and wiggle her whole body as she approaches you, it's the cutest thing to see! She will make a great addition to any family looking for a very special and wonderful fur-ever friend!

We expect her to be  lbs. & "

Tula is ready for her fur-ever home in early March of 2021.

~Available Inquire For Pricing~

*Champion Sire Orbit --T-Cup Black Tri Female W/Very Rich Copper Accents* 


*2 Brown Eyes*



Kahlua is a precious little nugget that is super sweet and calm. She loves to snuggle on your lap and have her belly rubbed. She love, love, loves to be held. This is a lap dog for sure. She looks like a standard Aussie in a tiny package. She is sure to steal your heart within minutes of meeting her. 

We expect her to be 3-5 lbs.  

Ready for her fur-ever home March 5

~Availale Inquire For Pricing~

*International IABCA Champion BIS Sire Fonzie-- Rare Double Blue Eyed Tiny Toy Rich liver Female W/Tan Accents*


*2 Blue Eyes*



Precious, Adorable, Sweet, and playful are just a few ways to describe this girl! She loves to explore, wander and experience everything that the world has to offer. Gem is very calm for an Aussie, she loves to chill and wrestle with the other little pups. She is litter box, potty pad and goes outside to potty to.  

We estimate her to be 7-10 lbs & 9-11'. 


Gem is ready for her fur-ever home! 




*Champion Sire Orbit --Teeny Tiny Toyup Black Tri Male W/Rich Copper Accent*


~2  Brown Eyes~ 



This lovely boy is even cuter in person and has so much to offer! With his outgoing personality and love for people he is bound to make you fall in love from the start. This little dude would make a great companion or an only or second or third dog. He is litter box trained which gives him a great start. 


We expect him to be  5-8 lbs.

Rum is ready to go to his fur-ever home March 4


~Available Inquire For Pricing~

*International Champion Sire Skeeter --Red Merle Male w/Rich Copper Accents & A Perfect Hour Glass Blaze*


*2 Blue Eyes* 



This darling boy has so much to offer in every way! From his sweet and playful personality to his gorgeous coloring and his true to breed build he has it all! Mars is the kind of puppy that will melt your heart, bring a little bit of adventure wherever you go and give you all the love he has to offer for the rest of his life! 

We estimate him to be 8-13 lbs. 11-12"

Ready for his fur-ever home March 4, 2021

~Sold--Congratulations to Michael from FL~

*International Champion Sire Skeeter --Teeny Tiny Toy Black Tri Female W/Tan Accents & Full White Stockings*


*2 Brown Eyes* 



Dafney is as sweet as they come! With a personality that could fill a room, a kind and gentle demeanor and a true aussie build in a tiny body she really has it all! Dafney aims to please, she absolutely loves to spend time with people and will eagerly greet anyone that passes. If you're looking for a great best friend and a co-adventurer Dafney's your girl.

We estimate her to be 6-9 lbs. & 8-10"

Ready for her fur-ever home March 4, 2021

~Sold--Congratulations to the Jones Family!!~

*International Champion Royal Prince Sired Blue Merle Male*


~2 Blue Eyes~ 



Colt is a very special boy. He has a very calming personality and will put anyone at ease. He is stunning! With his beautiful coloring and gentle copper accents he will have all the heads turning! Colt will make a fantastic companion and life long best friend!


We expect her to be  6-9 lbs. & 8-10"

Colt is ready for his fur-ever home in early March of 2021.

~Sold--Congratulations to the Rasch Family of Holiday, Utah~

*International IABCA Champion Puppy 3-6 month

Best Bred By & BIS

Tiny Toy Red Merle Male w/Rich Copper Accents*


*2 Blue Eyes* 


Sired by Champion BIS Puppy Whiskey & Sizzle



Blaze is quite the catch, with his small size but blocky head and sturdy build you get all the great attributes of a standard Aussie in a more compact package! He is a very sweet boy with calm and sweet demeanor, he loves playing with his siblings and snuggling up next to people. Blaze received so many awards we could not keep up at the Dec. 5-6, 2020  IABCA Show!

We expect him to be 6-9 lbs.

~Not For Sale~ Staying @ Lulu's Lil Aussie Ranch~

*Flashy Blue Merle Male with Dark Copper Accents *

~2 Blue Eyes~




Frost is a delightful puppy with beautiful blue eyes. His 2 black ears add character to his darling perfect head and muzzle. He is playful and loves to wrestle with his siblings. He has a beautiful coat that will be long and fluffy. 

We estimate his size from 13-18 lbs. but he is 4 weeks so we need to evaluate him further. 

Ready for his fur-ever home February 19, 2021

~Sold -- Congratulations to the Rothrock Family of Utah~

*Rare Double Blue Eyed Red Tri Male with A White Blaze & Perfect Tann Markings*

*2 Crystal Blue Eyes*



Buck is true Aussie through and through! He looks like a standard Aussie in a smaller package. His head, ears an muzzle are exquisite!! Buck is show and breed quality. Super friendly little guy. He loves to explore and shake his toys. He loves people and hid siblings. 


We expect him to mature around 16-24 lbs. 

He is ready for his fur-ever home on February 18, 2021.



~Sold -- Congratulations to the Loncaric Family!~

*Toy Red Merle Male w/Rich Copper Accents A Full White Blaze & 2 White Stockings*


*2 Blue Eyes???* 



Everest is a beautiful red merle with a darling face and amazing coloring. He could be a harlequin ... the jury is out. He is calm and very sweet

We expect him to be 8-13 lbs & 11-13"

Everest is ready for his fur-ever home March 5.


Sold --Congratulations to Amanda~

*Champion Sire Orbit --T-Cup Toy Black Tri Female W/White Feather and Rich Copper Accents*


~2 Brown Eyes~ 


Brandy is a doll. Super cute and outgoing. She loves people and to be held and play chase the toy. 

We estimate her size at 3-5

~Sold -- Congratulations to the Grahovac family from PA~

*International Champion Sire Fonzie and Dam is Best-In-Show Champion Zoula-- Rare MaleT-Cup Double Blue Eyed Red Tri*


*2 Blue Eyes*


Cobalt is an adorable tiny toy. His parents are both 15 & 18 pounds, it is possible to have a teeny tiny toy out of bigger toy parents. This guys is super teeny with perfect markings, including his ears and muzzle. We have great plans to use this tiny guy in our breeding program. He will be co-owned.


We expect him to mature around 3-6 lbs. 

He is ready for her fur-ever home on February 18, 2021.



~Sold -Congratulations to the Imperato Family~

*Champion Sire Orbit --T-Cup Blue Merle Female*


~2 Brown Eyes~ 



Moonshine is the tiniest lil girl. She is a bit more on the calmer reserved side but that can change in a few weeks. She is very sweet, just not sure about every thig right now. 

Ready for her fur-ever home March 5, 2021  


~Sold-- Congratulations to the Meuser Family on their 2nd Lulu's Lil Aussie!~

*Champion Sired Tiny Toy Black Tri Male With Amazing Copper Accents~

~2  Brown Eyes~




This adorable boy is just amazing, with his beautiful coloring and nice stocky build he has it all! Romeo will make your heart melt with his darling personality and playful demeanor! He looks like a standard Aussie shrunk into a tiny package.


We estimate his size from 6-9 lbs. and 8-10"


Ready for his fur-ever home February 6, 2021


~Sold - Congratulations to the Markham Family~

*International Champion Sired Stunning Toy Blue Merle Female*

*2 Blue Eyes*



Are you looking for something precious, irreplaceable, and as sweet as can be? Look no further, Shiny is bound to make your heart soar with everything she has to offer! She is gentle and loving, playful and watchful and is patiently waiting for just the right person to shower in love. But don't worry, her looks match her personality with her beautiful coloring, great build, and those eyes that will make you melt, Shiny really is everything you could want.


We expect her to be 11-15 lbs. 11-13"

Ready for her fur-ever home Jan. 12, 2021

~Sold - Congrats to the Bell Family from CO~

*International Champion Sired  T-CupToy Blue Merle Male with Tan Accents*

~2 Blue Eyes~ 



Tweed is as adorable as they get! With his sweeter than candy personality and gorgeous coloring he is bound to be an eye catcher! He is such a happy lil guy.  Tweed is super tiny with a huge personality. 

Estimate his size to be 3-5 lbs. 


Ready for his fur-ever home February 3, 2021 

~Sold --Congratulations to The Robins Family of CA

to their 6th Lulu's Lil Aussie!!~

*International Champion Sire Fonzie & BIS Champion Zoula Large Toy/ Small Mini Blue Merle Female*


*2 Brown Eyes*


Naveen is marker very unique. Her gorgeous coloring and dark copper is amazing. She has an amazing build! If you're looking for something sweet with a little bit of spice Naveen is your girl! With just enough attitude to keep you on your toes and all the love in the world to offer she has everything you would want in a fur-ever companion! She is super smart but is best known for her absolute love of snuggles! She would do great as a second or only dog as she can entertain herself & plays well with others. I have never heard her bark. She is litter box and potty pad trained,.


We expect her to mature around 18-23 lbs. and 13-14".

She is ready for her fur-ever home on February 13, 2021.



~Sold --Congratulations to the MacDonald Family

their 2 New Aussie Baby's~

~ Rare Blue Eyed Tri's 

~Puccinni & Emma ~

Apollo  & Emma are both rare blue eyed  Tri's that are very tiny & small and have all the attributes of a standard Aussie. Nice bone, ears and a blocky heads. They are fun and love to snuggle. This wonderful compact size can go anywhere with  you. 

Both of These

cuties have been placed in their Fur-Ever Homes!!

These Pups are Sold!